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Environmental Champions: First two hotels in Grenada successfully install water-saving equipment under the G-CREWS Project

St. George’s Grenada, 7 December 2021   In competing with the most beautiful hot spots on the globe, Grenada’s hotels are to impress with lush gardens, grand swimming pools and flawlessly clean rooms and facilities. All this requires water – lots of water.   Due to climate change and rising demand, fresh water becomes an…

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Implementing Climate Resilience Through Reservoirs

The Climate-Resilient Water Sector in Grenada (G-CREWS) project presents an opportunity to implement climate resilience thorough-out the island’s water sector. This will benefit the entire population of the State of Grenada.   Under Component 3 of the project Climate-Resilience of NAWASA’s Supply System, investments will be made to the infrastructure to reach climate-resilient levels of…

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Launch of the Climate Resilient Water Sector Project

We can’t do without it   Water  Water! Water!   It’s a liquid A gas And a solid It is colourless, transparent and odorless. It forms the seas, lakes, rivers and rain. It’s the main fluid that makes up living organisms. We can’t do without it! It’s pure, natural and healthy And is used by households and businesses.…

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