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May 10, 2019


GRENADA LIKE MANY OTHER DEVELOPING SMALL ISLAND STATES HAS NOW formulated an ambitious National Energy Policy (NEP). This Policy is very urgent and timely now that the global energy market is again vulnerable to the high volatility of oil prices. Soaring prices for petroleum and petroleum-related products as a result of the variable weather patterns in Europe and North America, the forecasted rising demand for these commodities in the manufacturing sectors in the USA, Europe and the BRIC nations, renewed concerns over nuclear safety after the Fukushima incident, as well as the political instability of oil producing and oil exporting countries in North Africa and the Middle East warrant that Grenada needs to provide suitable options in transitioning to a low carbon economy based on the utilization of its indigenous alternative sources of energy. The efficient use of energy must also be considered a priority as Grenada seeks to solve its energy access problem.