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As per GCF operational guidelines, a letter of no-objection from the NDA is required to accompany the submission of a proposal to the GCF for funding. The no-objection, in the form of a letter is required for projects submitted by any entity including national and multilateral and private, for the Secretariat to even start processing a proposal.

The purpose of the no-objection procedure is to ensure that concept notes and project or programme proposals that are being put forward to the GCF have genuine country ownership and stakeholder buy-in and that those proposals are contributing to achieving national climate targets, strategies, priorities and plans.

There are three occasions in which a No-Objection may be requested from the NDA:

  1. No-objection is required for Concept Notes when an application is submitted to the Project Preparation Facility (PPF). The GCF guidance specifies that PPF applications should be made by the Accredited Entity after consultation with the relevant NDA. A no-objection letter for the PPF request should be included in the PPF application.
  2. A no-objection is optional for Concept Notes of full funding proposals that are submitted to the GCF Secretariat for feedback. While a no-objection is not required for Concept Notes of full funding proposals that are submitted to the GCF Secretariat for feedback, the Accredited Entity must inform the NDA about its submission of a concept note to GCF and therefore engagement with the NDA is crucial.
  3. A no-objection is required for all funding proposals.


The no-objection procedure results in a project proposal no-objection letter signed by the official signatory of the NDA registered with the GCF Secretariat and should be provided to the GCF Secretariat in conjunction with any submission of a proposal seeking funding from the Fund. This official representative can be found on Grenada’s county profile on the GCF website, including for accredited entities that wish to start a discussion on a project.


A meaningful and genuine no-objection procedure is fundamental in ensuring and promoting ownership and a country-driven approach, the cornerstone of the Fund. The importance of country ownership and country drivenness is outlined in the Fund’s Decision GCF/B.17/14 - Guidelines for Enhanced Country Ownership and Country Drivenness.


In the case of applications for accreditation by subnational, national and regional implementing entities and intermediaries, the NDA or focal point will facilitate the communication of applications of implementing entities and intermediaries for accreditation to the Fund. An accreditation no-objection letter for proposing new Accredited Entities to the Fund is required and the NDA is thereby certifying that the applicant entity is a recognized entity with the government.


In cases of submissions of proposals for funding involving Grenada that are not accompanied by a letter of no-objection, the Secretariat will inform the NDA and that the funding proposal will not be processed unless the NDA provides its no-objection. The NDA shall then provide its no-objection within 30 days after receiving this information. If the NDA does not provide the no-objection letter within the 30 days, the proposal will be suspended and the Secretariat will notify the Accredited Entity or intermediary.


For more information, go to ‘Grenada’s National Designated Authority’s Toolkit for Engaging with the Green Climate Fund’, found in the Document Library under Tools and Resources.

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