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Accredited Entities are accredited by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) Board during regularly scheduled Board meetings. Accreditation applications are received by the Secretariat on a rolling basis i.e. there are no established deadlines, however decisions on the accreditation of new entities are only taken at meeting of the Board.

Accreditation Application Requirements

Accreditation Application Requirements for the Green Climate Fund (found in Grenada’s National Designated Authority’s
Toolkit for Engaging with the Green Climate Fund)

All entities applying for accreditation must be aligned with the objectives of the GCF and must be in operation for at least three (3) years. During the accreditation process, the track record and demonstrated capacity of an applicant entity to manage projects or programmes of different risk categories will be reviewed. As a result of this assessment, the applicant is classified according to scale, nature and risks of their proposed activities. The result of the accreditation process will specify the following:

Specifications in the Accreditation Process

Specifications for an entity in the accreditation process: size, fiduciary standards and environmental and social safeguards. Found in Grenada’s National Designated Authority's Toolkit for Engaging with the Green Climate Fund

The GCF estimates that on average the accreditation process takes at least 6 months from submission of the application to a Board decision, if there has not been a request for readiness support and there are no clarifications required. If a request for accreditation support though the Readiness Programme has been submitted and there are numerous clarifications by the Secretariat and the Board, the accreditation process may take up to two years.

Pre-accreditation and accreditation steps for an entity. Found in Grenada’s National Designated Authority's Toolkit for Engaging with the Green Climate Fund

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