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Project Information

Approval Date: June 2018

Starting Date: 2018

Ending Date: 2020

Executing Entity:
New York University (NYU)

Total Funding Amount:
$600,855 USD

Climate Resilient Cities: Grenada

This readiness project addresses the climate change readiness and preparation of the two major cities in Grenada, St. George’s, the capital and largest city, and; Grenville, the second largest city, both of which are built at very low elevations. To facilitate access to these resources the country has strengthened its fiscal management framework under the recently concluded homegrown structural adjustment program with the introduction a suite of public financial management legislation to: (i) improve the efficiency of its public expenditure management system; (ii) achieve greater alignment between resource allocation and the pursuit of its main policy goals; and (iii) provide improvements in the areas of service delivery and public accountability. The proposal focuses on five key components of a comprehensive readiness program to make the cities of St. George and Grenville climate resilient, in the short-, medium-, and long-run. They are: 1. A comprehensive mitigation strategy; 2. Active preparations for sea level rise and hurricanes; 3. Ecosystem restoration and water-system reinforcement; 4. Urban densification and climate-resilient urban expansion; and 5. Capacity building for green development.