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Project Information

Approval Date: 21 June 2017

Starting Date: December 2019

Ending Date: December 2025

Executing Entity:
Government of Grenada, the Grenada Development Bank and the National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) in partnership with the German Development Corporation (GIZ)

Total Funding Amount:
42 Million Euro


Climate-Resilient Water Sector in Grenada (G-CREWS)


The Climate-Resilient Water Sector in Grenada (G-CREWS) Project aims to make the water sector in Grenada more resilient to climate change and to strengthen the efficiency of its management. The project will support the water sector’s comprehensive transformation on multiple levels.



Grenada’s water supply is primarily reliant on surface water and rainwater harvesting. With rising average temperatures, more unpredictable rainfall, more frequent heavy rainfall events, and saltwater intrusion in groundwater linked to sea-level rise, climate change is exacerbating water scarcity issues.  G-CREWS will support the water sector by reducing water demand and increasing water availability.



This approach involves citizens and businesses as water users and the public sector as the provider of potable water and infrastructure. Through appropriate governance, regulation, economic incentives and awareness-raising, behavioural changes will be triggered.


The project takes into account these five components:



For more details about the project’s rationale and activities, check out the Funding Proposal. You can also check out the G-CREWS page of the GCF and IKI websites.

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